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Great solution for your training at home

Back or shoulder pain? Tensions? The SISSEL® SpineFit is an innovative fitness tool which combines relaxation and effective training.

• Intensive pressure over the entire musculature on both sides of the spinal column
• supports joint mobility and muscle relaxation
• noticeable loosening of the shoulder girdle

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The setting of the SISSEL® SpineFit

Number, arrangement and weight of the balls are the base of this unique and effective training device.
Energy points along the spine get activated which brings your body back into balance.

The noticeable back mobilization with intensive feel-good effect

Mechanical stimulation opens the small vertebral joints of the spine. Blockades can be loosened by using the SISSEL® SpineFit.

The SISSEL®  SpineFit stimulates the energy points of the back which is supporting the energetic balance. Thus it is a multifunctional tool for your home workout.