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A Swedish success story

The success story of the SISSEL®-products began 30 years ago in Sweden: A Swedish woman - like so many people - suffers from neck pain and in 1986 was looking for the most natural and healthy way possible to combat her pain. She developed a special pillow: The SISSEL®- neck pillow. It offers naturally effective support (for the lower cervical spine) and quickly becomes a sales hit beyond Sweden's borders: doctors, therapists and above all the "neck-stricken" population are thrilled! The successful effect of an anatomically shaped neck cushion is now reflected in many international clinical studies. This first product marks the beginning of a true Swedish success story. And these roots are also visible in our brand. Over the years, the range has been expanded to include many more products in the areas of "healthy sitting", "sleeping", "moving" and "feeling good". All with the claim: Swedish, natural and typical SISSEL®-.
SISSEL  – The natural way of Sweden
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